Latest Updates

week commencing 25/06/2017

This week the students have been completing their home improvements module which involved choosing two tasks to be assessed on. One of these involved fixing plasterboard to a stud wall as well as applying finish plaster. The other task was to lay laminate flooring to a working bay in the workshop. This has allowed them to develop their skills on reading and transferring measurements as well as cutting angles on floor boards. They were also introduced to different hand tools that they were required to use to complete these tasks such as knives, saw and drills. The assessment criteria also involved them putting together a requisition form of the tools and materials needed for the task. Next week they will be focusing on their health and safety module which will see them working towards a CSCS card which will be completed the week after.

week commencing 19/06/2017

This week the students have been starting their painting and decorating unit which has involved experimenting with different styles of painting and how to apply this on a flat wall.This has included panel and brick effects by using masking tape.

Dervla has particularly enjoyed creating different designs. She has explained “I have learnt how to prepare walls that are unsound and also have a better understanding of the types of paints and primers”. They have also learnt how to apply embossed wallpaper and how to cut around plug sockets, other obstacles and external angles.

The next stage of the practical lesson will involve fitting a shelf to the wall which will give them further skills that they can use for their home improvements unit.

week commencing 12/06/2017

This week the new study programme students have been completing their work experience at Wath Hall for three days. The building is in the process of being renovating back to its original state and requires various work in over fifty rooms. Each day the students have been involved in removing wall covering, clearing the block paving and general gardening duties. The students have shown great work ethic, have arrived on time and have shown commitment to getting all the work done efficiently. Dervla in particular has worked really well since starting the course and has found the work experience really interesting. She has said “I really liked the fact we had a tour of the building and learnt the history behind it all. It was nice to feel like we were restoring something and making a positive difference.”

On Tuesday the Mayor of Rotherham visited the hall and was pleased to see what a change the students had made. She was delighted to see how each of the students all made their own positive impact on the project and how this will benefit them for future work related opportunities. Michael one of our new students was thrilled that he managed to get a selfie with the Mayor and uploaded this onto his social media! She then posted on her public social media profile “I met some fantastic and students they all worked really hard on the Wath project!.”

We have also received good news from our previous study programme student Brandon Chadwick who has found himself a painting and decorating job. His mother Lyndsay explained “I can’t thank Mears Learning enough for all the support he has received since being on the program, he is now ready for any further opportunities which may become available.” She added “He now has new skills in something I really think he will progress in, I am so proud of him and want to thank all the teaching staff who have allowed him to develop his writing and practical skills.”

week commencing 08/05/2017

This week the groups have been completing their final bits of paperwork for their BTEC qualification. Some of the students are already well ahead and have finished most of their units. Brandon has already started to apply for labouring jobs and has even applied for a apprenticeship through Mears which he is hoping to hear back from.

Jamie has started his work experience this week and has already received positive feedback back from the supervisor at Morrisons. We hope Jamie has gained some real life labouring experience once he completes his second day of work experience from next week.

week commencing 01/05/2017

This week both study programme groups have been outside of the Mears centre completing either their work experience or taking part in a site visit. Harry and Jamie have both completed their induction for their work experience at Morrisons where they will be shadowing a labourer for two days. Both students have been preparing to make sure they have the correct PPE and that they are on time and ready to start for their placement.

The other students of the study programme have been busy taking part in a site visit at Bluestones, Keepmoat in Sheffield. The students really enjoyed the trip and found it very useful to get a idea of what is involved when building a new housing estate. They also got to meet with some of the workers on site and discuss what steps they took in order to get where they are within construction. Some students even took the opportunity to ask apprentices on site whether they had any jobs available!

week commencing 27/03/2017

This week the students have been learning about the new brick laying module and the different types of brick bonds. The students found the theory lessons really engaging and were keen to start the practical sessions.

Arbaz and Brandon worked really well during the practical sessions and have made excellent progress for their first attempt of building a wall. They have also learnt about basic brick bonds such as Stretcher, English and Flemish bonds during their theory lessons. Brandon has said “I have laid common bricks to start a basic wall and learnt how to lay out the material onto the bricks”. They have all gained great team building skills and communicating well within a team.

Next week the group will be using different types of brick bonds and build a new wall.

w/c 20/03/2017

This week, the groups have been learning levelling systems for plastering walls by using sand and lime. This has been good practise for the students when learning how to plaster, as the material is a lot more solid to work with . Most of the students have shown a good level of commitment to plastering as it is a trade which requires a lot of patience. Students have also been learning how to repair a damaged partition wall.

Students worked really hard on Wednesday, and most of them have now completed their health and safety unit.. They have also started to complete sections of their problem solving unit which taught them to think for themselves in difficult situations and when completing tasks.

week commencing 06/03/2017

Group two students gained valuable experience this week in plastering (practical and theory), with everyone working extremely hard to get the technique right. One of our new students, James, worked particularly well and considers this to be a possible trade. During the classroom-based training, students asked a range of questions about the different types of plasterboard…. which there are various types!

During the week, one of our group one students also completed their final section of the kitchen module, along with trying their hand at plastering for their work skills unit.

week commencing 13/02/17

It’s been a busy week on the Study Programme, as both groups completed their BKSB Functional Skills lessons. They have all been practising hard taking mock exams, to make sure they had the best-possible chances of success on the real tests. All students on the programme had the benefit of tailored support from tutors, with everyone doing well. Over the course of the next week, we will be doing our best to move students up to the next level, to help them take their studies forward.

Group One has also been completing their Health and Safety in Construction Environment unit, in preparation for them receiving their Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card. Students have been working very hard and are showing real enthusiasm as they move through the programme. Going forward, we’re in high hopes that they will carry this through.

week commencing 21/11/16

The students commenced their work experience placement painting a staircase for a new flat in Kimberworth. The job was finished within 3 days. The students managed to plan travel arrangements before the placement and managed to get there on time they have managed to take responsibility for any future roles they want in the future.

week commencing 28/11/16

The group one students started the joinery unit and were busy learning basic joints in the classroom as well as the workshop. Feedback was good from all students and they said they were really excited to get started and were looking forward to learning more! Arbaz in particular said this was already his favourite unit and that he would choose to do this as a future trade.

The second group have just began cutting in for their painting, in preparation for creating their stencil designs and patterns. All students had got stuck in creating their designs and worked well together as a team.

week commencing 5/12/2016

The group two study programme has been finishing off its Christmas designs using stencils – which all of the students have really enjoyed. We’ve also had very good feedback from tutors and other members of staff of the quality of work which is really positive.

Group one has been continuing with the joinery unit and has nearly completed most of the basic joints. Arbaz has made good progress on his stool and is hoping to finish this with a seat by next week. Whilst Joshua and Reece are still perfecting their shaping and cutting in preparation for assembling once it’s completed.

week commencing 12/12/16

This week the Group 2 study programme students have been busy painting Health and Safety related designs on the wall from the help of Mick Appleyard our new tutor. The designs were created to help reinforce the importance of the use of PPE and how to conduct yourself within the workplace. The students have done a really good job carefully filling in the drawings and the finished result looks impressive. Group 2 is still finishing the individual stools. The Group is looking forward to the Christmas break and ready to continue their progress in the new year!

week commencing 9/1/17

The study programme groups have made a good start to the new year and have both made good progress in their practical and theory lessons. Group 1 has made now begun their manual handling unit and has been busy completing all their theory based units. They have also been practising how to lift items and materials correctly and safely. We have also got two new students who have started this week and have been showing a lot of enthusiasm already. Jack has already said he would like to eventually move on towards an apprenticeship and hopefully work for Mears in the future.

Later on this week Group 2 has been busy completing the last tasks for their stool for their joinery unit. Reece has been very successful with his practical and just needs to finish varnishing his stool after he sands it down. We also had a camera man come into the centre to film the students during their practical lesson which the students seemed very excited about. They’ve been filmed to showcase the Aspire2Work programme promotional video which will be released in a few weeks time.

week commencing 16/1/17

This week the group 2 students have been completing their painting for their final week before they start their joinery unit. They have also been practicing their CV writing and cover letter skills during their functional skills lesson with our new tutor Jane Bird. All the students worked well creating the structure and personal profile for their CV in preparation for future after the course.

The group 1 study programme has also been busy helping two university placement students complete their own stool in joinery. The students have done really well showing all the skills they have learnt to teach the university students. Now that their joinery is complete they will be starting their workskills unit next week.

week commencing 23/1/17

The Group 1 students have started their WorkSkills unit this week and have learnt about the importance of team work. Their task is to complete a make shift kitchen from scratch which will include fitted units, floor tiles, a fitted door and wooden wall sections. Each student has been allocated a specific job role such as being responsible for the joinery, to the tiling or fitting of kitchen units. The group has worked really well as a team and seem to enjoy the responsibility of working on their specific task.

The group has also been practicing CV writing and cover letters. Some of the students have even applied for part-time roles to work alongside the programme so we are hoping they are successful! Group 2 is continuing the joinery unit and practicing all their basic joints.

week commencing 30/1/17

This week Group 1 has been completing their WorkSkills unit. They have been swapping roles between themselves of who will be taking charge as foreman or general worker. Brandon has done particularly well as the foreman showing really good leadership and has been very supportive to other team members. Brandon has said on his learning journals – “I have lifted the cupboards using the right lifting techniques from knowledge of manual handling”. They have now fitted most of the kitchen surfaces and are now putting in most of the cupboards. They will be starting their tiling next week for the kitchen if they manage to work well enough together finishing off all the shelving. Group 2 has also now managed to complete their joints for the joinery unit to a good standard.