Ensuring the highest level of service quality

Mears Nurseplus works within a robust clinical governance framework to ensure the highest level of service quality.

Clinical governance is the mechanism which ensures that Mears Nurseplus has comprehensive and robust systems in place for continuously improving the quality of our services and safeguarding high standards of clinical care. The framework beings together all the components of quality, including patient and public involvement, risk management and evidence based practice.

The key components of clinical governance are clinical effectiveness, risk management, patient focus and public involvement. Bespoke care plans and the risk assessment process are evaluated daily and reviewed monthly or more frequently if required, ensuring that our clients are at the centre of everything we do.

Weekly management contact takes place either over the phone or face-to-face. Anything communicated to us by our clients is confidential and dealt with professionally. We constantly strive to improve a client’s quality of life and independence.

Monthly reviews take place of the rotas/staffing, care requirements and any changes in a client’s goals in conjunction with the multi-disciplinary. During these reviews we incorporate any new evidence from good practice guides, new publications or research ensuring our teams are working to the highest and most up-to-date standards possible.

Review meetings with other professionals e.g. physiotherapists ensure our programmes of care are carried out effectively by the team and, where required, we can arrange specialist based training for individual staff members with supervision by the relevant specialist professional.

Six monthly case conferences involve all professionals, the client and their family and focus on the client’s overall support plan (more frequent to begin with). This ensures that all areas of the support plan are reviewed frequently and changes made to the care plan.

We use a clinical audit tool to benchmark our services and measure our performance and report against this during our review meetings. External peer reviews also ensure that our practices, policies and procedures are constantly reviewed by unbiased experts.

Our teams are experienced, well trained and highly motivated. They are backed by skilled managers and are bound by a professional code of conduct.

Regular 1 to 1 supervision helps our staff realise their full potential and operate in a way which is consistent with the Mears Nurseplus vision and values.

Our clients are centrally involved in how their care packages are designed and run. Clients are involved in the recruitment and training of their own teams and of the ongoing appraisal process.

Bespoke care plans and risk assessments are evaluated daily and reviewed monthly or more frequently if required.

Weekly nurse management contact is either over the phone or as a visit from a dedicated nurse manager. This gives the client the opportunity to discuss what is going well and raise any concerns or changes required by the client.