We have housing and care operations in every region of the UK and in every kind of community – from remote rural villages to inner cities and industrial heartlands.

We work in some of the most socially deprived areas of the country and we feel a strong sense of responsibility towards finding ways to improve the long terms prospects of the people who live in these communities.This philosophy has always been at the heart of Mears.  By engaging with our customers, we find ways of utilising our skills and experience to carry out community-based projects that will make a difference to the lives of the people we work alongside.

Serving our communities

Every one of our branches develops a Serving Communities plan each year. This is created with ideas from customers and staff. We try to identify those projects that are most aligned to the needs of the local community and where we can best utilise our skills. This could be supporting schools, local environmental groups, youth clubs, facilities for older people or by helping local businesses and Social Enterprises.

Helping our local community to thrive not only increases the quality of life for residents but is also rewarding for the branch volunteers, especially as a huge percentage of us live in the communities where we work.

The effect of our community activity is remarkable with the impetus to make a difference and, indeed make people smile, the company is united in this common goal. In 2013 our staff volunteered 64,729 hours and delivered 520 projects in their communities around the UK.

Download the latest Serving Our Communities report
Serving Our Communities

The Mears Foundation

The Mears Foundation is a registered charity set up and run by Mears employees. The Mears Foundation supports projects around the UK that tackle loneliness and isolation. Since being established in 2010 the Foundation has raised over £145,000 and employees have volunteered thousands of hours of time to improving communities and individual well being.

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