‘Best value’ is a simple concept but it’s not always clear how it’s best obtained.  For decades, social housing landlords have strived to identify the most effective ways of providing the best repair and maintenance services for their residents.

Currently, around half have in-house services while the other half outsource. But, the outsourcing market is expected to grow as social landlords continue to prioritise risk transference and external investment over the control that direct delivery brings.

It can be difficult for social housing landlords deciding what the best solution is for maintenance and repairs.

Mears Direct supports clients to manage Direct Labour Organisations, offers interim support, manages subsidiaries of social landlords or works in full partnership through Joint Venture Companies (JVCos) and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs). Clients who want to retain in-house teams can benefit from Mears’ expertise in disciplines such as operational management, IT, asset management, HR, finance, health and safety, compliance and procurement.